TBS184 Where are they now – Andrew and Briohny 2 years on

TBS184 Where are they now – Andrew and Briohny 2 years on

It’s amazing how easy it is to forget where we’ve come from. We’re all so focused on growth, progress and striving for more that we often neglect our past.

Today’s episode of the show sees us take a look back 2 years to my first chat with Andrew Janes from Midas. Andrew and his partner Briohny were the proud (and busy!) owners of a Midas mechanical franchise as well as their own, independant auto electrical business. Needless to say they were quite busy and under quite a lot of stress when Andrew spoke to us back in Episode 88 of September 2015 for our Real Tradie Story.

Fast forward 2 years and these guys are in a very different place. Literally!

With the sale of one of their businesses, new premises, major contract with a well known brand and a spot as finalist in their region’s business awards there’s certainly been some change! Listen in to find out how it’s all working out…there’s some great lessons to be learned from this partnership.

P.S. Here’s the video mentioned in our chat. It formed part of their submission for the Sunshine Coast Business Awards and is a great example of the content they’re producing on a regular basis.